Who I am & what I do

Hi my name is Svccy, I do digital art and graphic design. My passion for visual art began in 2016 when I started creating my first images with Photoshop.

The art I make refers to digital collage art permeated by the Vaporwave/ Aesthetic visual current born and developed online around between 2011/2012 . It is characterized by the use of nostalgic themes of the 80s and 90s of computer operating systems and video game consoles, Roman busts, abandoned shopping malls, elements of Japanese culture all seasoned with the use of shades on purple / pink. Unlike classical images of the genre, I tend to a more obscure and introspective variant. My images reflect the human condition in today’s society. The human figure is represented by statues often faceless or covered by objects, which symbolize the total lack of identity of the individual, subjugated by technology and by ultra consumerist society. The reality in which man lives is inauthentic and unreal based on behavioral models imposed by the mass media, which lifestyles is controlled through fashion and advertising, making us believe that we live a free and self-determined life when in reality it is only an illusion. The modeling of a unique identity is promised when in reality a single model is imposed to conform to it in a serial manner.

I took part in art exhibitions where I was able to exhibit my artworks and I also work for music artists for design their covers album/ep and companies for their logos.

My range of work includes digital artworks, logos, cover and design for merch.


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High-resolution limited prints on aluminum

All my artworks are available in limited prints on aluminum (9 or 15 pieces). Each artworks is printed on 3mm thick aluminum composite panel (mat), in slightly brilliant whitish reflection 6-color direct UV printing, including light colors. And they are extremely stable, resistant to bending and atmospheric agents.

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Not only art... but also music!

I don’t only deal with digital art but I also compose experimental electronic music always connected to the vaporwave current. Since 2016 I have released 7 albums touching different genres of electronic music: ambient, synthwave, trap. My albums can be found on major music sites such as spotify, apple music, bandcamp, soundcloud.



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